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Silicon Fire is obtained from silicon with the help of renewable forms of energies. During
achemical-physical process hydrogen is generated from silicon. In a further process, the
Silicon Fire technology combines this hydrogen with carbon dioxide, which is obtained as
a waste product from conventional combustion processes. The result is a renewable liquid
which is comparable to regenerative methanol in terms of substance and mode of action.
The CODE X yacht features a propulsion system, which allows the adding of Silicon Fire
to conventional fuels in order to reduce CO2 emissions.
Alternatively, CODE X yachts can also be ordered which have a Silicon Fire drive running
with only Silicon Fire.

The innovations of Silicon Fire technology are in particular:

- Storage of renewable energies by means of a chemical-physical process control.
- Use of carbon dioxide from industrial combustion processes.
- Use of silicon for the storage of renewable energies.
- Production of Silicon Fire in a Silicon Fire mobile station.

The credo of CODE X AG is:

„We don’t want to substitute the existing energy sources completely, but rather, want to
create future-oriented alternatives in consideration of the market trends for conventional
energies.“ The introduced CODE X yacht features two Ilmor marine combustion engines
with a total of 1420 HP, which are combined with two ZF TRIMAX propeller drive propulsion
systems. This technology accelerates the CODE X yacht up to a maximum speed of approx.
80 knots. Additionally, the CODE X yacht comes with an integrated solar system. Due to
the newly designed Silicon Fire drive, the integrated solar system on board is applied
selectively as a power supply source for on-board systems in order to, for example, not
need to consume Silicon Fire for the operation of any ancillary components while at anchor.
This measure, too, makes a contribution to the reduction of emissions, quasi like the start/
stop function of an automobile.

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