The CODE X yacht was built according to an idea of CODE X AG from Meggen (Switzerland).
FB Design was responsible for the completion of the hull and the adjustment and coordination
of the technical equipment within the hull. Without the professional expertise and the excellent
know-how of FB Design it would not have been possible for the CODE X yacht to be realized as
it is now presented.
The CODE X yacht demonstrates a new dimension of yacht building and its claim the leading
role when it comes to a harmonious combination of conventional and environmentally friendly
propulsion fuels. The CODE X yacht stands for a new vision in yacht building.The core element
of the CODE X yacht is the Silicon Fire drive. This innovative drive concept strives to make
a significant contribution to the harmonious supplementation of conventional combustion tech-
nologies with alternative energy sources in the medium and long term.
The Silicon Fire drive is available in two different versions. On the one hand, Silicon Fire can
be added to conventional fuel. CO2 emissions can thus be reduced from noticeably to signi-
ficantly, depending on the admix ratio of Silicon Fire to conventional fuel. On the other hand,
Silicon Fire drives can be integrated in yachts which use pure Silicon Fire fuel. In this case,
the Silicon Fire drive is completely CO2-neutral.

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